General copyright information and Terms you agree to when you commission me.
Everything you need to know is here. Simple enough.

Terms and Conditions

By sending me a description and agreeing to pay the negotiated price you are contracting me.

When you contract me you are agreeing to the following:
1) Comics or images commissioned may NOT be used for profit, unless a portion of the profit comes
back to me that we agree upon.
2) Commissions will NOT be altered in any way that removes or otherwise obscures my signature.
3) Commissions will NOT be displayed on sites other than those belonging to the persons
paying for the commission.
4) You agree to pay the negotiated amount BEFORE the piece is completed but after
it has been started. Payment after the piece is inked will ensure adequate progress.


I retain the copyright to the art and I reserve the right to display the
commissions on my website or other galleries with watermark. Only you and I
will have access to an unmarked copy of your image.
If original art or fan art is being requested, the original
creators have the copyright to the characters. Depictions of original characters are
copyright to me when I create characters from scratch – with only vague guidelines
from the buyer. Copyright details will be discussed through email if there
is any concern.

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