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These are all my original works, which means I MADE THEM UP. I didn’t copy from anything. If I was influenced by anything in particular while I drew these I’ll say so in the description.Enjoy!

**GREEN BORDERS are new**
**BLUE BORDERS are shounen-ai related**
**PURPLE BORDERS contain nudity**

Dominance War Concept  Pink Mermaid  Fairy in Marker  Link-esque Elf  Office lady  Lirgo  Wolf girl  Cat Girl  Siryn Naked  Tagrin  Random Mermaid  True Form  Imp  Mermaid  Ren Damer  Clamp Girl  Clamp Girl #1  Keil  Green Angel  Siryn  Easter Bellsandy  Alice  Siren  Kiss!!  Angel tattoo colored  Angel tattoo  Bellsandy bunny  Happy Valentine's Day  Greetings Bell...  

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