Sandra L. Elsen

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A position related to 3D/2D animation, graphic, character, or web design.




Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and Sciences, December 2005
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
GPA - 3.41/4.00

International Baccalaureate Diploma, May 2001

Palm Harbor University High School, Palm Harbor, FL

GPA - 4.08/4.00 weighted



Adobe Photoshop

Corel Painter

Adobe Illustrator

Macromedia Flash

Adobe Premiere

Alias|Wavefront Maya

Digital photography


OpenGL (some)













JavaScript  (some)



Relevant Coursework:


Intro to Computer Aided Modeling and Animation

- Learned principles of polygonal, NURBS, and subdivision surface modeling

- Used Maya to explore model building, lighting, texturing, and animation

- Animated with inverse kinematics, forward kinematics, and soft/rigid body dynamics


Figure Drawing 2

- Studied the human figure from live models

- Worked general to specific to create a successful drawing at all stages

- Created shape using light and shadow with charcoal


Time Based Media

- Learned production principles for video shorts, effective storytelling

- Created video shorts and music videos using Adobe Premiere


Programming Language Concepts

- Wrote several programs in new languages

- Gained experience in Perl, LISP, XML and C++

- Scanned, tokenized, parsed, and regenerated imaginary source code into another language


Intro to Software Engineering

- Wrote a quiz system using PHP and Oracle

- Gained experience with PHP, HTML, and SQL

- Learned principles of good software project management


Computer Organization

- Read and translated basic assembly language

- Learned about computer's basis in logic and logic gates


Computer Graphics with OpenGL

- Created programs with OpenGL and C++

- Animated 2D and 3D objects with C++ and OpenGL transformation matrices

- Wrote keyboard input functions for animation playback and model movement/ selection


Database Systems

- Learned principles of database creation and execution

- Manipulated SQL commands through Oracle

- Used JDBC to access a database through a java program


Work Experience:


Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) -- Website Graphic Prof (Feb 2006 -- present)

- Illustrate medical terms for tutorial courseware using Photoshop CS2

- Use in-house software to upload course images and edit lesson content

- Create learning tools using Flash MX 2004 and Actionscript

- Address revisions for graphics and other projects during the development process

- Perform fixes on various flash pages in the courseware as needed

- Communicate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other team members during development for
   content validation


Commission Artist (2001-present)

- Advertise design opportunities online through Ebay and personal web space

- Negotiate artwork details with clients through email

- Utilize Photoshop, Painter, Copic markers, pens, colored pencils, and watercolor to client specifications

- Manage financial transfers from clients through money order and Paypal

- Assess client satisfaction of the design process through email and progress scans

- Assure safe delivery of artwork through proper packaging


Webmaster (1999-present) --

- Maintain and update my personal website with HTML, CSS, and PHP monthly

- Redesign aspects of my site that lack functionality or ease of use

- Address questions or suggestions by online visitors regarding my website through email


Walmart – Seasonal Employee (Jun 2000 -- Aug 2000)

- Assisted in moving and rearranging shelves in various departments

- Reorganized and shelved fallen or misplaced items

- Worked with others to disassemble and reassemble end caps and shelving

- Directed customers to desired departments when lost


Medical Billing Assistant (2000 -- 2001)

- Filed billing reports

- Input patient billing and charge information into the computer system

- Mailed bills to patients and insurance companies


Doctor’s Office Receptionist (1999)

- Pulled patient files and filed paperwork already handled

- Answered phone calls and made appointments

- Called patients to confirm appointments


Volunteer Experience:



Miss Tampa Scholarship Pageant (2005-2006)
- Discussed goals of the volunteer work with a Miss Tampa board member
- Designed and created several flyers for the pageant for the Tampa Bay area


St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store (2000)

- Priced various articles of clothing and other donated items

- Placed items on their respective shelves or racks

- Organized items that were disarranged or in the wrong location


Sunset Pointe Animal Hospital (1999-2000)

- Performed general receptionist duties: made appointments, put away patient files

- Cleaned the dogs kennels daily

- Fed and walked the canine clientele being boarded daily