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I've been to all of these, so if it's here, it means it's worth looking at. Please take a look at the work of fellow artists and other useful sites. ^_^

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  • Screen tones
    Massive amounts of screen tones for Photoshop patterns. Please visit.
  • Inuyasha Info
    Your online resource for Inuyasha!
Comics, Favorites, Friends

  • Candi A four - times weekly updates webcomic on Keenspot about college life. I went to school with the artist.
  • Tramatization This nice lady, grimkim, has a comic about a pirate named Jack Arse. It's dead now, but she's doing another called Mischeif Maker. She's cute and it's funny, so you should check it out. Art gets better all the time!
  • Crabshack Gallery Very nice, complete looking art and the most adorable toony crabs!
  • Inverloch Wonderful comic, and very very nicely colored. Very clean, and so far very interesting. She inspires me:-) Over 600 pages so far.
  • DreamLand Chronicles I just found this recently, and I have to say I've never seen a comic like this. It's full of pure innocent comic fun, and doesn't have any of the heavy feeling I get when I read comics about people in the real world.
  • Return of the Exile Another comic I found recently. Nicely colored, and some ok characters. There hasn't been much character background yet, but I guess that's to come. Lovely to look at, and interesting read.
  • Red String A webcomic that has recently been picked up by Darkhorse for a 2007 release. About love and fate. Cute story, but vaguely familiar if you've read any sort of shoujo manga. Some of the characters are very magnetic though.

  • Hana Kimi Manga
    I finally found a torrent that WORKED!! It took me several hours to find a working download for this. You'll have to sign up for this site, but it's free. I'm sure they have some other awesome torrents as well.
  • Animesuki
    You're one stop shop for all torrents anime(that aren't licensed).
  • GootWoot
    Gotwoot provides Naruto, Kyou Kara Maou, and Aa Megami-sama(new TV). They have other things, too, but those are the ones I download.

  • Suechan
    Awesome artwork and various other things. Available for commission CHEAP!
  • Metalsnake
    Completely awesome work. Great coloring, even better cartooning. Original works of art for sale and commissions as well.
  • MeadowHaven
    Beautiful art, and available for commission, though VERY expensive in comparison to some others, including myself. This is one artist who is not underselling their talent though.
  • Tazmaa's Studio
    A frequent commission artist on eBay listings. You might like their style. I think it's cute. Commissions are a great way to broaden your talents.
  • DXS Machina
    Another great artist. I suspect most of their work is on DeviantArt, but there are a lot of great pieces here, as well as work for sale. Nice categorizing system, too.
  • Candy Shards
    Awesome work. Used to be Dogmatist along with this next link.
  • Brain Stew
    Awesome work. Used to be Dogmatist but I guess they moved on to a different project. It's awesome to see people excel and work toward what they desire.
  • Nati Art
    Very pretty artwork. Small for my screen resolution, but beautifully detailed, and somehow french seeming for some reason.
  • Ragnark Logoff
    *BLINK* LagunaL8 is soooo good. Art is so incredibly beautiful. And they even asked me for help with Painter!! I'm so flattered^_^. She also has a DeviantArt account.
  • Jo Chen
    All I have to say is that this person is utterly amazing. You'll have to see for yourself. I have been visiting for a long time, though there are hardly any new works up anymore.
  • Loppi
    Visit Loppi^^ She's doing a lot more expanding of her art. Used to do a lot of Megaman, but she's really broadening nicely.
  • Black Cat Black Cat is someone I've been visiting for a long time. Their coloring and completion of pieces is awesome. They also have pages on both DeviantArt and Sheezy art under MincedNiku and Niku respectively, I think.
    info., links, and misc. on your favorite anime.
  • ArtLair
    Art by a couple different people.
  • Arwen Art
    Excellent work, check it out.
  • Bara-chan's Cyber garden
    This person is very talented as well. They have a very large number of anime art that I encourage you to see!
  • Ess
    Lots of excellent anime art!
  • Ignisfatuus
    This is where I first saw those Awesome Fushigi Yuugi pics by Tamahome no Miko a nd Yanwen!! Lots of talent from the author,too. Not just the guest artists!
  • Doujin Land
    This is some good art as well. Most of it is colored.
  • Yumeka
    These people are all good. I think Robin is on of the better ones, though. I like her style.
  • Cozy Paper
    This is a nice site as well. Nice video game fan art. I like the coloring they do here very much.
  • Disenchanted Anime
    This is a nice site as well. I remember looking through almost every drawing from this site. I like the shading.
  • Badly Drawn Kitties
    Good strips. Simple stuff, but the dialogues are funny. Not much of site design, but the content is worth laughing at.



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