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Welcome to any Misfile comic readers. I'm glad you took the time to come by my site. I hope you enjoy what you see. I've enjoyed reading Misfile and I am really glad that I was able to help out with keeping something new coming everyday for everyone. Feel free to shout in the shoutbox. Don't be alarmed if it doesn't show up immediately. I have been getting a lot of spam so I approve them before they are visible.

In other news, new image obviously. One more commission complete. Two more to go. I will let everyone know when I am available again both here and on my DA page.

If any of you have downloaded my Hana Kimi volumes could you please let me know? I seem to have lost them when registerfly went down... :-( And I put so much work into cleaning them up and renaming them...::sobs:: If you have them I'd like to transfer them back from you. I'd appreciate it.

Many of you have already seen the commission update. Yay. In other site news, the shoutbox was not recording the post date properly, but that is fixed now. I am thinking of requiring an email but not dispaying it so you won't get any spam. And, happy day, I found an older copy of my database somehow, and it had a bunch of images that I was not planning to readd to my gallery in it, though it did not seem to have all of the old shoutbox posts. So some of my old artwork has been restored as well as some gift work and fan art, etc. Lucky for you.

Perhaps I will go back and add some more when I have nothing better to do. I still need to redo my portfolio after all. Three more commissions to do. I feel much better after getting one done, though it was the closest to finished. I will be printing it this weekend. Commissions remain closed until I finish ALL OF MY CURRENT COMMISSIONS. Bad me...
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