These are all commissions I have done for other people. There will be information about media and influence for each work. See my commissions page if you would like to request one.

**GREEN BORDERS are new**
**BLUE BORDERS are shounen-ai related**
**PURPLE BORDERS contain nudity**

Jasmine Tiger Comic 1  Jasmine Tiger Comic 2  Faye Transformation  Cleofluttera for JKrolak  Misty Transformation  Priss on Bike  Jesse Rapidash transformation  Snake Jasmine  Foal gets what he wants  I'm what?  Centaur transformation comic  Priss Brushing teeth  Hawk Jasmine  Lori and the Dragon  Vampire Jasmine  Priss plays Guitar  Jasmine and Rajah  Apple and Shu  Indian Girl One  Indian Girl Two  Unlikely Crime  Elenor and Albert  Elite gets Muffins  Calli's Valentines....  Mathiu and Flik  Grease boys  Grease girls  Joline Battle  Jungle Comic 1  Jungle Comic 2  Jungle Comic 3  Jungle Comic 4  Jungle Comic 5  Jungle Comic 6  Jungle Comic 7  Jungle Comic 8  Jungle Comic 9  Commission for Rachel  Negima  Asuka and Shayla  Percy and Chris  Jack Arse  Brynna, Chris, and Dal  Sirius and Cayanne  Nathan and Brynna  Centaur and boy  Dragon riders  Office boys  Naga  Happy Anniversary  Tsukasa  Elk  Sirius and Cayanne Beach time  Gravitt and Greg  Nagas  Light me up  Hug from Behind  Hair Combing  Sirius and Ginny  Elf version of Eulogy  Strawberry?  Waterfall bonding  I'm scared...  Nash is Angry...  Poor Baby  In the Rain  Oops...  Why You...  What Are You Looking At?  Yummy Tummy  
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